LIGO detection papers are listed here.

Selected Publications:

Gravitational-Wave Localization Alone Probes AGN Origin of Stellar-Mass Black Hole Mergers
        I. Bartos, Z. Haiman, Z. Marka, B.D. Metzger, N.C. Stone, S. Marka
        Nature Communications accepted (2017) [http]

Infused Ice can Multiply IceCube's Sensitivity
        I. Bartos, Z. Marka, S. Marka
        arXiv 1706.06589 (2017) [http]

Search for High-energy Neutrinos from Gravitational Wave Event GW151226 and Candidate LVT151012 with ANTARES and IceCube
        ANTARES Collaboration, IceCube Collaboration, LIGO Scientific Collaboration, Virgo Collaboration
        PRD 96, 022005 (2017) [http] + IceCube News

Rapid and Bright Stellar-mass Binary Black Hole Mergers in Active Galactic Nuclei
        I. Bartos, B. Kocsis, Z. Haiman, S. Marka
        ApJ 835:165 (2017) [http]

Prospects of Establishing the Origin of Cosmic Neutrinos using Source Catalogs
        I. Bartos, M. Ahrens, C. Finley, S. Marka
        Phys. Rev. D 96, 023003 (2017) [http]

A Population of Short-Period Variable Quasars from PTF as Supermassive Black Hole Binary Candidates
        M. Charisi, I. Bartos, Z. Haiman, A.M. Price-Whelan, M.J. Graham, E.C. Bellm, R.R. Laher and S. Marka
        MNRAS (2016) [http]

High-energy Neutrino follow-up search of Gravitational Wave Event GW150914 with ANTARES and IceCube
        Antares Collaboration, IceCube Collaboration, LIGO Scientific Collaboration, Virgo Collaboration
        PRD 93, 122010 (2016) [http] + LIGO science summary + IceCube News + Editor's Suggestion

James Webb Space Telescope can Detect Kilonovae in Gravitational Wave Follow-up Search
        I. Bartos, T.L. Huard, S. Marka
        ApJ, 816, 61 (2016) [http] + astrobites + AAS Nova Highlights

Constraining the Jet Structure of Gamma-Ray Bursts from Viewing Angle Observations
        N. Miller, S. Marka, I. Bartos
        arXiv 1511.00706 (2015) [http]

Spectral Decline of PeV Neutrinos from Starburst Galaxies
        I. Bartos, S. Marka
        arXiv 1509.00983 (2015) [http]

Beyond the Horizon Distance: LIGO-Virgo can Boost Gravitational Wave Detection Rates by Exploiting the Mass Distribution of Neutron Stars
        I. Bartos, S. Marka
        PRL 115, 231101 (2015) [http]

Galaxy Survey On The Fly: Prospects of Rapid Galaxy Cataloging to Aid the Electromagnetic Follow-up of Gravitational-wave Observations
        I. Bartos, A.P.S. Crotts, S. Marka
        ApJ Lett., 801:L1 (2015) [http] + astrobites

Multiple periods in the variability of the supermassive black hole binary candidate quasar PG1302-102?
        M. Charisi, I. Bartos, Z. Haiman, A.M. Price-Whelan, S. Marka
        MNRAS Lett. 454, L21-L25 (2015) [http]

Catalog of Isolated Emission Episodes in Gamma-ray Bursts from Fermi, Swift and BATSE
        M. Charisi, S. Marka, I. Bartos
        MNRAS 448, 2624-2633 (2015) [http] IceCube-Gen2: A Vision for the Future of Neutrino Astronomy in Antarctica
        IceCube-Gen2 Collaboration
        arXiv 1412.5106 (2014) [http]

Can a Single High-energy Neutrino from Gamma-ray Bursts be a Discovery?
        I. Bartos, S. Marka
        PRD 90, 101301(R) (2014) [http]

Multimessenger Search for Sources of Gravitational Waves and High-Energy Neutrinos: Results for Initial LIGO-Virgo and IceCube
        IceCube Collaboration, the LIGO Scientific Collaboration and the Virgo Collaboration
        PRD 90, 102002 (2014) [http] + LIGO Science Summary + IceCube News

Cherenkov Telescope Array is Well Suited to Follow Up Gravitational Wave Transients
        I. Bartos et al.
        MNRAS 443, 738-749 (2014) [http] Detection Prospects for GeV Neutrinos from Collisionally Heated Gamma-ray Bursts with IceCube/DeepCore
        I. Bartos, A. Beloborodov, K. Hurley, S. Marka
        PRL 110, 241101 (2013) [http] +Editor's Suggestion

Gas Cloud G2 can Illuminate the Black Hole Population near the Galactic Center
        I. Bartos, Z. Haiman, B. Kocsis, S. Marka
        PRL 110, 221102 (2013) [http] +Editor's Suggestion +Physics Synopsis +BBC + BBC Science Hour +NSF Highlights

Detecting Long-Duration Narrow-Band Gravitational Wave Transients Associated with Soft Gamma Repeater Quasi-Periodic Oscillations
        D. Murphy, M. Tse, P. Raffai, I. Bartos, R. Khan, Z. Marka, L. Matone, K. Redwine, S. Marka
        PRD 87, 103008 (2013) [http]

TOPICAL REVIEW: How Gravitational-wave Observations Can Shape the Gamma-ray Burst Paradigm
        I. Bartos, P. Brady, S. Marka
        CQG 30 123001 (2013) [http] +CQG Highlights of 2013-2014

The Astrophysical Multimessenger Observatory Network (AMON)
        M.W.E. Smith et al.
        Astropart. Phys. 45 (2013) 56-70 [http]

Colloquium: Multimessenger astronomy with gravitational waves and high-energy neutrinos
        S. Ando et al.
        Rev. Mod. Phys. 85, 1401-1420 (2013) [http]

Probing the Structure of Jet-Driven Core-Collapse Supernova and Long GRB Progenitors with High Energy Neutrinos
        I. Bartos, B. Dasgupta, S. Marka
        PRD 86, 083007 (2012) [http]

Multimessenger Science Reach and Analysis Method for Common Sources of Gravitational Waves and High-energy Neutrinos
        B. Baret, I. Bartos (corresponding author), B. Bouhou, E. Chassande-Mottin et al.
        PRD 85, 103004 (2012) [http]

Multimessenger Sources of Gravitational Waves and High-energy Neutrinos: Science Reach and Analysis Method
        B. Baret, I. Bartos (corresponding author), B. Bouhou, E. Chassande-Mottin et al.
        Journal of Physics: Conference Series (Amaldi 9 / NRDA 2011) [http]

Opportunity to Test non-Newtonian Gravity Using Interferometric Sensors with Dynamic Gravity Field Generators
        P. Raffai, G. Szeifert, L. Matone, Y. Aso, I. Bartos, Z. Marka, F. Ricci, S. Marka
        PRD 84, 082002 (2011) [http]

Observational Constraints on Multi-messenger Sources of Gravitational Waves and High-energy Neutrinos
        I. Bartos (corresponding author), C. Finley, A. Corsi, S. Marka
        Phys. Rev. Lett. 107, 251101 (2011) [http]

Bounding the Time Delay between High-energy Neutrinos and Gravitational-wave Transients from Gamma-ray Bursts
        B. Baret, I. Bartos (corresponding author), B. Bouhou, A. Corsi et al.
        Astropart. Phys., 35 1-7 (2011) [http]

The Advanced LIGO Timing System
        I. Bartos, R. Bork, M. Factourovich, J. Heefner, S. Marka, Z. Marka, Z. Raics, P. Schwinberg and D. Sigg
        CQG 27 084025 (2010) [http | pdf]

Characterization of the seismic environment at the Sanford Underground Laboratory, South Dakota
        J. Harms, F. Acernese, F. Barone, I. Bartos et al.
        CQG 27 225011 (2010) [http]

Joint Searches Between Gravitational-Wave Interferometers and High-Energy Neutrino Telescopes: Science Reach and Analysis Strategies
        V. van Elewyck, S. Ando, Y. Aso, B. Baret, M. Barsuglia, I. Bartos et al.
        International Journal of Modern Physics D, Volume 18, Issue 10, pp. 1655-1659 (2009) [http]

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